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Namaskar and Welcome to R.K.Padasalgi`s Kannada Home Page.

I have published my first web pages in Kannada, with the help of "BARAHA".

Important: Please note the following to view the Kannada webpages

If you are running Netscape 4.0 & above then you should be able to browse these Kannada pages on all the Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac, Unix, without having to install Baraha Kannada fonts .
If you are using Internet Explorer browser then you have to install Baraha Kannada fonts to view these pages. You can install baraha fonts by downloading the brhfonts.exe program
If you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 browser for browsing the documents created using Baraha fonts, Some times you may not be able to see the Indian langauge text properly. In such situations Right click on the IE 5.0 window select Encoding | User Defined encoding.
Click here to view the Kannada webpage

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