It is Me

  • Interenet is my world. It is a very rich treasure hunt.
  • Surfing is my hobby.Visiting various websites is my pleasure.
  • I like educative and entertaining webpages in general and full screen display webpages in particular.
  • I salute all those webdesigners and webmasters who have created such beautiful webpages.
  • Personal Interests
  • 1)Philosophy
  • I am interested in philosophy for the following reasons:
  • i) Philosophy is not a subject of study but a way of studying all subjects.
  • ii) Philosophy is a Science of principles or Philosophy is a First beginnings.
    Seeking after wisdom or knowledge,especially that which deals with ultimate reality.It is also known as a system of principles of conduct of life.
  • iii) Philosophy is a disturber of intellectual peace, not a sedative
  • iv) Philosophy embraces the whole universe both visible & invisible
  • v) The business of philosophy is to prove the great truths of religion
  • 2)Music
  • I am interested in music for the following resons:
  • i) Music is divine
  • ii) It brings us nearer to the reality
  • iii) It gives tranquality and peace of mind.
  • 3)Web Page Desiging
  • I am interested in web page desiging because:
  • i) It is educative and enertaining
  • ii) It is pleasure to see thousands of web sites
  • iii) It brings the contents of whole world to desktop
  • 4)I am interested in Detective Novels
  • i)It makes me guessing and guessing till the suspense is solved.
  • ii)The art and the job of the detective is so challeging ,I too feel to have such challeges in own`s life to fight agaisnt the evil
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