Bhaagavat Dharmaa/Daasakuta


Shri.Achalanand Daasaru

The period of Shri.Achalanand Daasaru is said to be the 9th century.However his compositions resemble those of the 16th century literatures.His place of domicile was Haiganpur in Bangalore District.

He was an ardent devotee of "Lord Narasimha".


He toured whole of the country and propagated the Bhakti cult/Bhagavat Dharma.He toured barefoot while the idol of his Lord was carried in a nicely decorated palanquin. (Palaki).He used to sing the glory and virtues of the Lord by tuning Tamburi(also called as Tambruhi the meaning speak/sing of Him).The palanquin of the Lord was carried by the invisible RudraGanas and witnessing this miracle people became the ardent devotees/followers of Dasaru.While he was at Pandharapur he was blessed by the Lord Panduranga Vithal.Lord gave him the Darshan (the divine appearance) on one afternoon when Sri.Achalanand Dasaru was offering an Arghya(the religious and customary way of worship)to sun in the chandrabhaga river.From that day all his compositions were dedicated to Achalananda Vithal.


While he was touring Nepal the prince of Nepal died of snake bite,The king of Nepal humbly prayed to Shri.Achalanand Dasaru to save his son .Shri.Dasaru by chanting Garuda mantra summoned the serpent and made to suck back the poison from the body of the prince and he was saved.In his family the Mudduvithal, Gopinatha,Haridas,Timmannadas, and panduranga were the famous Haridasas who propagated the Bhakti cult.

Important Events


1)Had Darshana of  Sri.Vithal at  Pandharapur in 9th Century.

2)Established Matha   near Naga river in Turuvenakere for performing Poojas

3)Gopinathadasaru,Mudduvithaldasaru,and Pandurangadasaru, thereafter carried out Poojas in this Matha,who were the decendants in the Parmapara of Sri.Achalananda Dasaru.

4)Sri.Achalananda Daasaru honored by King Ballal and Achuta Raya(1542) of Vijayanagar empire.

5)During the tenure of  Sri.Pandurangadasaru the poojas to be performed was distributed among '3' persons just like on the same lines of  Udupi Astha Matha.

6)Sri.Pandurangadasaru was called as "BhagavatPadacharyaru", Which denotes that all dasaru in the parmapara were "Sanyasis"(Monks) who embraced "Yatyashrama".

7)Several branches of Mutts were established by Sri.Achalnada Dasaru at the following places.







vii)Keladi Biduluru



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