Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta


ನಾರಸಿ೦ಹನೆ೦ಬ ದೇವನಾ ನ೦ಬಿದರೆ ನರರಿಗೆಲ್ಲಾ ಮುಕುತಿ ಕೊಡುವನು

Our Life is a very valuable, precious gift of the God.Man is called as a master of all animals (i.e. living beings). According to Darwin's theory of evolution the life from the single cell like Ameba has been evolved to the stage of a man after many many centuries of struggle for exisitence. Our life is the musical expression of the God`s love and his blessing. The origin of our life is not here but in heaven. There in the perfection of the Divine plenitude we are born. What appears to us, as material, earthly, flesh-bound life is in reality divine. The religion and philosophy have confirmed, and support the non-earthly origin of our life. Scientists think that life does not originate on our planet, philosophers say that life has its source in cosmic region and theologians believe that life is a gift of God.From these inspirations arise the fine offspring of the soul, poetry, philosophy, religion, art etc. When you begin to think that you are born in heaven your mind can no longer be fascinated by unheavenly things, which are surrounding us. We are very much fascinated to know about the creator of this universe. At this stage a self-introspection starts to know whom am I? What is the force which upholds the universe? What is that by which we live, by which after death we live again? There is one infinite, eternal, changeless, Existence, the ALL from that ALL comes forth, to that all returns. "The one only without a second" (Chandogya.VI). People gave many different names to that ALL .The most ancient and well known and accepted name is "BRAHMAN".Western philosophers gave a name as God."God in his own nature." Man naturally bow down to this BRAHMAN the supreme power and started praising, worshipping by paying highest respect with humility.This shaped into the true supreme Divine love together with the steps leading to it is called Bhakti/Devotion.The Devotion is of the nature of love only because it is the opposite of the hatred and it is expressed by words, and deeds.The Bhakti is firm love.Shri.Madhwacharya the founder of the Dvaita philosophy has stated that there is no place for Bhakti in the form of hatred.Shri.Jayateertha in his "Nyayasudha" Defines Bhakti as under: "It is a continuous flow of love uninterrupted by thousands of obstacles, which is many a times dearer than one's own self and other belongings and which has the knowledge of unlimited, infinite, flawless, auspicious qualities of God." Man's love of God (Bhakti) should possess this quality of clinging firmly to God at all costs. It is only such a love that is capable of revealing to the soul his true relation to the God as his image (pratibimba)

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