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Bhaagavat Dharma/Daasakuta




Sada Venktakesham Smarami Smarami


The ultimate aim of every Individual is to attain the eternal bliss,liberation from the cycle of birth and death.Our holy scriptures have delt in detail and have laid down certain code of conduct and the holy rituals to be observed by the individual in order to achieve this goal. The three functions of the mind, intellect, (Jyana), emotion(Bhavana) and will(Sankalpa) have got to be purified to remove ego, to achieve this ,one has to practice three yogas.viz.Jnanyoga which purifies our intellect,Bhaktiyoga purifies our emotions and karmayoga purifies our will.We are free to adopt anyone of these paths.Shri.Narada the sage who possess all the three yogas prefers to deal with Bhakti(the true divine love) as it is the easiest and most efficient of all paths. It is like an International highway open to all irrespective of caste,creed,or sex and most easiest one to practice.That is the reason why Haridasas choose the path of Bhakti/Bhagavat Dharma and propagated the same so that any person irrespective of his intellect,caste,creed,sex can follow this path to achieve the goal of eternal bliss/ God realization.

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